The Spiritual Side of Dreams of Life

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Books, TV shows, and movies about experiences that go beyond our five senses are more common than ever, yet the spiritual/paranormal still seems something not easily discussed on a personal level. Put another way, I feel the paranormal is more normal than we realize, it is just that the people we know who have such experiences do not talk about it.

For example, a friend of mine told me that when she was an ER nurse, on a number of occasions she saw a patient’s “spirit” (she described as a “light energy”) hover above their body. She kept these sightings secret because she feared co-workers would think she was having hallucinations, and she might get fired. When she trusted other nurses enough to share what she had witnessed, she discovered some of them had also seen such phenomena but had been afraid to talk about it.

Another friend, one of the first to read the Dreams of Life manuscript, told me a few days ago that the three times he has been under general anesthesia in the thirty-five years I have known him, he has left his body and observed what was being done to him. When I asked him why he had not told me this before, he said in so many words that the subject had not come up.

This conversation reminded me of when I worked for IBM in Madison, Wisconsin, and my interest in the spiritual had been reignited. (At another time I will write more about when my interest first developed and why it returned.) While in Madison, I read a number of books on near death experiences, psychics, and similar topics. I never told my friends about this interest, believing they would think I was odd. But now I wonder how many of them had had “weird” experiences such as I read about?

I have never been out of my body, seen spirits, or heard voices, but I believe my friends. I guess this is because as a child, I assumed that if the mystical happened in biblical times and to saints, it could happen in any age. As an adult, I read books about the mystical occurring to people in our current era that seemed to confirm this.

But the reason I included the paranormal in my novel was because of a friend I met ten years ago. She radiated joy and an appreciation of life. As I got to know her, I learned that like most of us, she had had some rough times but always managed to see that her glass was half full. One day she told me why. The experience that changed her life was so amazing that I asked if I could use it in a book I might write someday. She agreed, and the idea she gave me became Rena’s story in Dreams of Life.

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